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TITLE:          Irreconcilable Differences 'til death do us part
AUTHOR:     Ronnie C. Dawson
$14.99 + S&H

After suffering a tragic loss, Mia Davis looks toward her future, to move on from a heartbreaking past. Will new life, love and laughter help her to find her way? Or will death, deceit, and disloyalty destroy her? Can she trust those closest to her? Can they trust her? It's often said that, “Whatever doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.” This may be true individually, but is this true in relationships? Does “No matter what.” really mean just that?

TITLE:          Irreconcilable Differences 2
AUTHOR:     Ronnie C. Dawson
$14.99 + S&H

Years after her parents were killed, Mia Williams is still trying to cope with the wrongful execution of her husband Michael, the love of her life, who was found guilty for their brutal murders. Will the upcoming trial of a corrupt detective arrested and charged with murder for Michael’s death, bring her the closure she has been waiting for? Or will the truth elude her once again? Will “The System” protect its own, or is there truly JUSTICE FOR ALL.

TITLE:          As Thy Days So Shall Thy Strength Be
AUTHOR:     Valerie Anne Todd-Listman
$11.99 + S&H

Valerie Anne Todd-Listman, a married mother of five, and native of Philadelphia, PA is a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ, who is passionate about the Word of God. She has survived abuse, homelessness, and incarceration, to become a Minister, Advocate, and Author. Her first book, “Inviting & Exciting touched hearts and changed lives. Now Valerie brings you her second release, as she continues to encourage and uplift anyone going through a struggle. “As Thy Days So Shall Thy Strength Be” is a read that promises to encourage, uplift, and equip the reader to overcome any situation encountered. Be empowered. Be equipped. And most importantly, be EVERYTHING, that you are called to be. In JESUS name. AMEN. Enjoy!

TITLE:          Million Dollar Dream
AUTHOR:     Derrick Felder
$14.99 + S&H

Life for Russell Wade was supposed to be easy. Coming from a middle class home, being raised by both parents and attending a good school, he was presumed to be successful. That all changed during his freshman year at Northeast High School, when his good friend Tee introduces him to the drug trade. Contrary to his upbringing he took a liking to it and became rather good at it. When he and Tee suddenly part ways, an ambitious Russell meets Tasha, the beautiful young woman who gives her mind, body and soul. He is now suddenly filled with drive to take on all obstacles. But with every success comes unexpected contingencies in an underworld where nothing is what it seems and nobody, absolutely nobody is above suspicion. As he delves into territory that he is unaccustomed to he is forced to grow up fast and make split-second decisions that could alter his life forever. As this page-turning novel unravels, Russell Wade is left with the choice on whether this fast life and even faster money will become his new reality, or is he simply chasing… a Million Dollar Dream?

TITLE:          Million Dollar Dream 2, Road to the Riches
AUTHOR:     Derrick Felder
$14.99 + S&H

He’s back and forced to grow up fast in “Road to the Riches”, the page turning sequel to “Million Dollar Dream”, brought to you by Author Derrick Felder. Packed with twists and turns, this read is full of love, betrayal, and major consequences that will keep your nose between the pages from beginning to end. The array of new characters will quickly grow on you as this story pulls you from the very first page. Sit back and enjoy this epic novel that is sure to take you out of your zone and into the bizarre world of Russell Wade.

TITLE:          The Heart Of Friendship
AUTHOR:     Marguarita Balaguer
$11.99 + S&H

Princess Kalissa and her family are attending the annual fall festival. In her eyes it’s just another event, that she doesn’t want to attend. She is tired of the same events, and having to pretend to be the perfect princess, until she meets a girl from the village, Sophia. Sophia and her brother Timothy change the way she, and her brother Link see others. Sophia’s family helps Kalissa’s family see why they are different from any other people Kalissa and her family have ever met. But will Kalissa’s family be stopped by other royal families? Will Kalissa find a true friendship in Sophia? Read The Heart Of Friendship, the first installment of the True Vine Series, as they find the true meaning of “friendship” and grow in their faith.

TITLE:          My Windows, My Soul
AUTHOR:     Rebecca Lopez "GMG"
$14.99 + S&H

The scribes in this book come from the heart of a survivor of life's storms. Growing up a victim and in a household of domestic violence, I too lived The horror life can bring. Yes I was a casualty of war! But I emerged a warrior from it all. You cannot keep blaming yourself for things that have happened, nor can you keep your mind in the past. Keeping you in prison, taking drugs and drinking just to get through the pain that is still left in you!! It took me many years to learn this. Instead of continuing to take things out on myself. I learned to survive picked up a pen. And now I write. I have been reborn from drugs and alcohol. The many times I have survived the overdosing waking up in my own vomit. God was preparing me for something greater!! I hope that the many that also feel what I have poured out in this book can take the next steps to overcome and become. Love yourself for the first time. The feeling is amazing "GMG"

TITLE:          Bleed Ink Not Blood
AUTHOR:     Janet Renee Cryer
$12.99 + S&H

As they say, 40 is the new 20. Over two years ago, I went from not walking, to walking., not only in a physical sense, but in an emotional, and spiritual sense as well.. I owe it to so many people. But first and foremost, I owe the Lord all the glory and honor. Having worn many belts in my life, that of being a mom, wife, girlfriend, lover, beauty queen, model, business woman, and more, there have been a great deal of experiences I have been blessed and cursed with. If one reads my books, they will live through my battles with manic depression, helping others, loving, and love lost. Enjoy and please do a review. Much Love, Janet Renee Cryer, A.K.A. Starr Poetress.

TITLE:          Words To Love By
AUTHOR:     Nefertari Nelson
$11.99 + S&H

Nefertari Nelson, woman, mother of five, motivational speaker, and now author, overcame a challenging childhood to become a successful entrepreneur. She has been featured on various talk shows, news broadcasts, and in multiple magazines, where she has shared her incredible story. Outlets such as The Dr. Oz Show, World News Tonight, Heart Insight, Family Circle, Bella, and Time Magazine, have allowed her to share how at age 34, she survived a massive heart attack, while nine months pregnant. “I share these quotes with you because I value them. They have helped me get through some difficult moments. I hope they will do the same for you. I attribute my success to my view and love for people, as my quotes will prove.” Nefertari Nelson

TITLE:          The Gateway
AUTHOR:     Jeremy Breitenbach
$13.99 + S&H

On the morning of Monday March 3, 2059 in a laboratory located on the University of Chicago campus in Chicago, Illinois, world renowned physicist, 38-year-old Dr. Richard Caulman and his colleagues Dr. Lawrence Jones and Dr. Jonathan Reynolds are about to initiate the inaugural test of Dr. Caulman's revolutionary dimensional gateway. Dr. Caulman believes that if his gateway works properly it will revolutionize the way people travel and eliminating the need for any kind of transportation.. 

TITLE:          Sunshyn Love

AUTHOR:     Raschon King
$12.99 + S&H

“Sunshyn Love” is a shy girl struggling to communicate her feelings. She finds her voice through writing, embracing a gift to write in a way to engage people’s emotions. Some of her work will make you laugh, some will make you think of others, and some will give you and incredible joyous feeling. Read “Sunshyn Love” unlock your feelings, and be FREE IN YOUR THOUGHTS!